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NIMBYs and funding of sound barriers next to transportation facilities

  • 26 Apr 2014 3:19 PM
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    It is high time the government hand the cost of sound wall construction to the home owners and assess their property taxes to pay for them. They should realize that the tax they pay on these walls will benefit preserving their property values.

    Railroads, highways, and airports were built long before the houses sprung up beside transportation facilities and right-of-ways. These transportation facilities, whether public or private, do good for the commerce in the communities they serve, and promote job growth for both industry and business.

    NIMBYs need to be informed of potential noise from transport vehicles by their realtors BEFORE they buy the property! They need to realize that traffic needs for aviation, rail, and roads will change at any time, and go with the flow, up or down. Failure to ask about it is NOT an excuse!

    If NIMBYs still want sound walls built, then they need to direct their class action lawsuits toward the developers who built their homes, not towards squeezing money out of the highway, rail, and airport projects, which contributes to the cost overruns they usually complain about. In some cases, there are even tax credits available to take advantage of for home improvements to mitigate the problems.

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