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Regional Rail and Amtrak Ocala

31 Jul 2023 11:15 AM | Stephen Sayles (Administrator)

As I've mentioned before, FDOT has a habit of either piggy-backing on existing service or ideas that will never materialize. While our organization is excited about future travel between Tampa, Orlando and Miami, there is little to be said for the west coast. From Naples to Gainsville and even Tallahassee, the only way to get anywhere is the more dangerous way on 4 tires. A regional route from starting at Tampa and continue to Ocala, Gainesville and north to Tallahassee, would fill in a gap in where the students at 4 universities would be most appreciative. 

As we all agree, all modes of transportation are needed to work together, however as the soon to be second most populated state, FDOT has done in this persons view, a poor job. Granted some of the Governor's have been anti-rail, it is still no excuse to not try and introduce plans to accommodate all its residents and visitors alike. 

Shifting to Amtrak, as a resident who lives near Ocala, only bus connection is on the Silver Star which does not allow for connections on other trains. It seems to me they would benefit more by linking with the Meteor. 

Please note, this is personal view from a member.

Stephen Sayles

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