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FCRP's Michael Smith Says: It's Time for Trains, Not More Toll Roads or Buses

10 Mar 2021 7:47 PM | Jackson McQuigg (Administrator)

FCRP Board Member Michael Smith penned a letter to the editor recently.

And it's a good one.

From the South Dade News Leader:

--Jackson McQuigg


  • 01 Apr 2021 4:41 PM | Anonymous member
    Tallahassee and Florida's congressional delegation is loaded with too many car dealers, biker buffs, and toll road trolls. They claim privatized roads are good, but most of them are not and at the feeding trough to pay off debts due to revenues that fell far short of what was expected. My drives around the state show traffic is very light on most of these toll roads and they have done nothing to relieve traffic congestion in urban areas. Most are built in rural areas that do not need them, only to serve as a gas pedal blues project for speeding rural residents singing that tired old Sammy Hagar tune, " I can't drive 55". Rural folks need to count your blessings instead; be glad you are driving 50 and not 15, like most of us in the cities.
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